Emirates Palace, Abu Dhabi, UAE


11 April - 10 May 2016


Mohammed Kazem and Hassan Sharif participate in Portrait of a Nation, a group exhibition celebrating the 20 years of Abu Dhabi Music and Arts Foundation (ADMAF) and featuring works by 50 Emirati artists. Divided in seven different thematic areas, the works explore topics of Nation and Unity, Geography and Nature, Architecture and Urbanism, Portraiture and Identity, Religion and Spirituality, Language and Calligraphy, and Tradition and Heritage. The exhibition captures the ever-changing face of the visual arts in the United Arab Emirates through a work from Sharif's Objects, which are sculptural assemblages constructed from mass-produced materials and created via random and arbitrary rules, and Kazem's performative work Photographs with a Flag, in which the artist stands next to small flags that neither represent countries, corporations or institutions, but are merely pieces of cloth in different colours, set into a space of ground in Dubai's Al Mamzar area. 


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11 April 2016
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