Brunei Gallery, London, UK


Curated by Amal Khalaf, Abdel Al Kadiri and Abdulnasser Gharem

21 January - 19 March 2016


We are pleased to announce Mohammed Kazem and Hassan Sharif's participation in In Search of Lost Time. The exhibition, commissioned by The British Council in association with Brunei Gallery, presents works that explore the complex relationship between image, speed and time in the Gulf. In doing so, the exhibition aims to provoke a discussion about the role of art and culture in the region through the works of Rajaa Khalid, Jafar Islah, Sami Mohammed, Ahmed Mater, Abdallah Al Saadi, Ajlan Gharem, Camille Zakharia, Kazem, Sharif, Sophia Al Maria, Monira Al Qadiri, Lantian Xie, Mohammed Sharaf and Shaweesh. 


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21 January 2016
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